Midsummer Reveler

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Midsummer Reveler is a three item set that is worn in the chest, shoulder, and feet slots. These items are available for purchase using Inv summerfest fireflower [Burning Blossoms] during the Midsummer Fire Festival event. Note the shoulders can be sold back within 2 hours (like a tier set piece), which allows purchasing them, completing the dance, and then sell back to buy a pet.

This set does not give any set bonus. However, you must have the complete set to be able to complete the achievement Ability mage firestarter [Burning Hot Pole Dance].


Midsummer Reveler
Inv shoulder 23
[Mantle of the Fire Festival]
100 Inv summerfest fireflower
Inv chest cloth 72
[Vestment of Summer]
100 Inv summerfest fireflower
Inv boots cloth 13
[Sandals of Summer]
200 Inv summerfest fireflower

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