Midsummer Fire Festival

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Midsummer Fire Festival
Midsummer Fire Festival
DurationJune 21 - July 5, 2013
CurrencyInv summerfest fireflower [Burning Blossom]
BossCombat 15 [85+] Ahune <The Frost Lord>
HighlightsFireworks, Bonfires
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The Midsummer Fire Festival is a seasonal event that celebrates the hottest season of the year. It starts on the (earthly) northern summer solstice, and lasts about two weeks (mid-late June to early July, usually). It is similar to the Lunar Festival and other holidays, featuring some useful buffs, food, and toys to play with.

It was introduced in Patch 1.11, and given a major revamp in June 2008.

From Midsummer Fire Festival[1] on the old official website:

Ah, so you weren't chosen for Flamekeeper this year? Don't fret, my friend! The Midsummer Fire Festival isn't merely about that traditional honor; it's a time of merriment, a chance to celebrate the hottest season of the year by lighting great fires across the land and sharing in what the elemental spirits can offer. Come to our camps and join in the revelry!

The ending of the Festival seems to have been merged with the Engineers' Explosive Extravaganza holiday:

The lengthy Midsummer Fire Festival traditionally ends with the sky itself being set alight. The goblins of Undermine have lent their considerable skill (and copious amounts of gunpowder) to the task, resulting in a tremendous fireworks show! Take up a festival mug and raise a toast to the season as the multicolored explosions dance across the sky above you!



Touching the Ribbon Pole gives a 3 minute buff increasing earned experience by 10%. Up to 60 minutes can be stacked.

Inv summerfest symbol medium  [Ribbon Dance]ω ϖ—Experience gained from killing monsters increased by 10%!

  • Using Ribbon Poles causes a colorful streamer of energy to go to your hand and causes you to dance. This gives a 3-minute Ribbon Dance buff increasing earned experience by 10%. This buff stacks up to 20 times (60 minutes), increasing its duration by 3 minutes for every 3 seconds you keep dancing around the pole.

Inv misc summerfest brazierorange  [Fire Festival Fury]ω ϖ—Increases critical strike percent and spell critical strike percent by 3.

  • When thrown into a festival fire, Burning Blossoms give you a buff Fire Festival Fury, 3% critical strike and spell critical strike rating for sixty minutes as well as causing fire damage to attackers.

Spell fire flameshock  [Bonfire's Blessing]ω ϖ—Target gains a 30% chance to inflict Fire damage on any melee, ranged, or spell attack.

  • If a bonfire has gone out, tossing a Burning Blossom in it will provide a zone-wide buff, Bonfire's Blessing, that gives you a 30% chance to inflict (<your level> x 10) Fire damage on any melee, ranged, or spell attack. Bonfire's Blessing is capable of delivering a critical hit with 100% additional damage and is affected by bonus spell damage. This buff goes away if the opposite faction desecrates the bonfire.

Inv summerfest firespirit  [Fire Festival Fortitude]ω ϖ—Increases Stamina by 30 for 1 hour.

  • Special flame samples can be collected from the bonfires in each of the four main cities of the opposing faction. Each sample will begin a quest called "Stealing the [City]'s Flame." Upon completing each quest, everyone in the capital city will receive Fire Festival Fortitude, a +30 stamina buff. Once all 4 have been collected and returned to a Festival representative, you receive the quest A Thief's Reward and are rewarded with the Inv helmet 08 [Crown of the Fire Festival].

Inv summerfest symbol medium  [Reverence for the Flame]ω ϖ—Experience gained from killing monsters increased by 10%! 1 hour remaining.

Burning Blossom redemption

Below are the items you can purchase with Inv summerfest fireflower [Burning Blossoms] at Midsummer Merchants and Midsummer Suppliers. You can get 22 Blossoms (minimal) for normal quests, 20 Blossoms every day through daily quests, and 840 (H)/830 (A) Blossoms from the bonfires.

Sets Item Price Note
Inv holiday summerfest petals [Handful of Summer Petals] 2 Inv summerfest fireflower  
Inv summerfest firedrink [Fiery Festival Brew] 2 Inv summerfest fireflower  
Inv torch lit [Juggling Torch] 5 Inv summerfest fireflower Used for Money achievement Torch Juggler
Inv misc food 10 [Elderberry Pie] 5 Inv summerfest fireflower  
Inv misc food 53 [Midsummer Sausage] 5 Inv summerfest fireflower  
Inv misc bag 10 green [Bag of Smorc Ingredients] 5 Inv summerfest fireflower  
Inv summerfest smorc [Toasted Smorc] 5 Inv summerfest fireflower  
Inv misc food 11 [Fire-toasted Bun] 5 Inv summerfest fireflower  
Components of the Midsummer
Reveler three-piece set
Money achievement Burning Hot Pole Dance
Inv shoulder 23 [Mantle of the Fire Festival] 100 Inv summerfest fireflower
Inv chest cloth 72 [Vestment of Summer] 100 Inv summerfest fireflower Causes your hands to catch fire for more festive dance moves.
Inv boots cloth 13 [Sandals of Summer] 200 Inv summerfest fireflower Causes a fire to appear at your feet.
Inv misc firedancer 01 [Brazier of Dancing Flames] 350 Inv summerfest fireflower Creates a fiery, dancing female draenei who reacts to player emotes.
Inv potion 33 [Captured Flame] 350 Inv summerfest fireflower Small pet.
Inv helmet 08 [Helm of the Fire Festival] 350 Inv summerfest fireflower Helm that acts as a [Cooking Fire]. Added in 2012.



The symbol of the Midsummer Fire Festival.


Midsummer decorations

[Burning Blossoms] can be earned through a variety of quests. The blossoms can be consumed for a small buff or saved for a variety of items including the [Brazier of Dancing Flames] or the [Captured Flame].

Daily quests:

  1. Official alliance mini-icon [1-80] Torch Tossing
  2. Official alliance mini-icon [1-80] Torch Catching
  1. Official horde mini-icon [1-80] Torch Tossing
  2. Official horde mini-icon [1-80] Torch Catching

Quest chains:

  1. Neutral 15 [70] Unusual Activity
  2. Neutral 15 [70] An Innocent Disguise
  3. Neutral 15 [70] Inform the Elder

Players then are given access to quests based on their level:

Lord Ahune

A new chain of quests was added to the game, beginning at a Festival Talespinner. The end of the chain culminates in a daily quest to summon Lord Ahune, a new boss in the Slave Pens during the event.


According to Wowhead News, Ahune will now have a chance to drop and item level 480 cloak (Ui-paperdoll-slot-back).[2]


See also: Alliance BonfireHorde BonfireNeutral Bonfire

The Flame Warden at each of your own faction's bonfires offers you Honor the Flame.

Right-clicking a bonfire of the opposite faction offers Desecrate this Fire!. The act of dousing a bonfire does not pull guards (though they will aggro as normal based on range and level - Wildhammer Stronghold in Shadowmoon Valley requires a flying mount or stealth to avoid aggro), making this a fast and easy way to generate money and Burning Blossoms. Be warned that dousing the opposite faction's bonfire will flag you for PVP combat.

The bonfires of capital cities have separate quests, and you cannot Honor the Flame of your own faction's Capitals.

There are a grand total of 100 bonfires across the four continents:

  • Official horde mini-icon Horde (49): 45 normal, plus 4 capitals
  • Official alliance mini-icon Alliance (51): 47 normal, plus 4 capitals
  • Neutral 15 Neutral (3)
  • Shattrath (1): unable to be honored or desecrated

Interacting with the fires rewards different amounts of Burning Blossoms:

  • Stealing a fire from an opposing faction's capital city: 25
  • Honoring a neutral fire: 15
  • Desecrating an opposing faction's fire (excludes capitals): 10
  • Honoring your own faction's fire (excludes capitals): 5

Here are the current amount of Blossoms you can collect:

  • Horde: 48*10+46*5+4*25+9*15=945 total Burning Blossoms available
  • Alliance: 48*5+46*10+4*25+9*15=935 total Burning Blossoms available

See Horde and Alliance for suggested routes.


Note: Coordinates are not exact. General locations shown.

  • Iconsmall poi43 Alliance
  • Blip, Horde 15 Horde
  • MiniIcon BattleMaster Location with both Horde and Alliance fires
  • Iconsmall poi10 Horde capital city
  • Iconsmall poi11 Alliance capital city
  • Iconsmall poi102 Earthen Ring neutral fire; only honoring allowed (Shattrath City cannot honor or desecrate)
Eastern Kingdoms

Stealing the Cities' Flames

Each faction can loot the Flames of the opposing faction's cities, each of which starts a quest. Stealing all four cities' flames will offer the quest Neutral 15 [1-80] A Thief's Reward.

Official horde mini-icon Horde capital gallery
  • Orgrimmar fire
  • Thunder Bluff fire
  • Undercity fire
  • Silvermoon fire
Capital locations list
Official alliance mini-icon Alliance capital gallery
  • Stormwind fire
  • Ironforge fire
  • Darnassus fire
  • Exodar fire
Capital locations list

Reward: [Crown of the Fire Festival] (no bonuses).

List of all bonfires

Eastern Kingdoms
Zone Region Coords
Official horde mini-icon Arathi Highlands Hammerfall [69, 42]
Official alliance mini-icon Arathi Highlands Just north of Refuge Pointe [44, 46]
Official alliance mini-icon Badlands Dragon's Mouth [19, 56]
Official horde mini-icon Badlands The Dustbowl-just northeast of New Kargath [24, 38]
Official alliance mini-icon Blasted Lands Nethergarde Supply Camps-Just west of the keep [58, 17]
Official horde mini-icon Blasted Lands Dreadmaul Hold [46, 14]
Official horde mini-icon Burning Steppes Ruins of Thaurissan-just south of Flame Crest [51, 29]
Official alliance mini-icon Burning Steppes Valley of Ashes-just northwest of Morgan's Vigil [68, 60]
Official alliance mini-icon Dun Morogh Just north of Kharanos [54, 45]
Official alliance mini-icon Ironforge Hall of Explorers [64, 25]
Official alliance mini-icon Duskwood Darkshire [73, 55]
Official alliance mini-icon Elwynn Forest Goldshire [43, 65]
Official alliance mini-icon Stormwind The Canals-near Bobby Flay [49, 72]
Official horde mini-icon Eversong Woods North Sanctum [46, 50]
Official horde mini-icon Silvermoon City Court of the Sun [70, 43]
Official horde mini-icon Ghostlands Tranquillien [46, 26]
Official horde mini-icon Hillsbrad Foothills Tarren Mill [55, 50]
Official alliance mini-icon Hinterlands Aerie Peak [14, 50]
Official horde mini-icon Hinterlands Revantusk Village [76, 74]
Official alliance mini-icon Loch Modan Just northwest of Thelsamar [32, 40]
Official alliance mini-icon Redridge Mountains Just South of Lakeshire-directly across the lake and west of FP [24, 53]
Official horde mini-icon Silverpine Forest The Sepulcher [49, 38]
Official alliance mini-icon Northern Stranglethorn Fort Livingston [51, 63]
Official horde mini-icon Northern Stranglethorn Grom'gol Base Camp [40, 51]
Official alliance mini-icon Cape of Stranglethorn Wild Shore-East of Booty Bay [52, 67]
Official horde mini-icon Cape of Stranglethorn Wild Shore-East of Booty Bay [50, 71]
Official alliance mini-icon Swamp of Sorrows Bogpaddle [70, 14]
Official horde mini-icon Swamp of Sorrows Bogpaddle [76, 14]
Official horde mini-icon Tirisfal Glades Brill [57, 52]
Official alliance mini-icon Twilight Highlands Thundermar [47, 28]
Official horde mini-icon Twilight Highlands Bloodgulch [53, 46]
Official horde mini-icon Undercity Ruins of Lordaeron [68, 9]
Official alliance mini-icon Western Plaguelands Chillwind Camp [43, 82]
Official horde mini-icon Western Plaguelands The Bulwark [29.3, 57.1]
Official alliance mini-icon Westfall Moonbrook [44, 62]
Official alliance mini-icon Wetlands Menethil Harbor [13, 47]
Zone Region Coords
Official alliance mini-icon Ashenvale Forest Song [86, 41]
Official horde mini-icon Ashenvale Silverwind Refuge [51, 66]
Official alliance mini-icon Azuremyst Isle Azure Watch [44, 53]
Official horde mini-icon Azshara Bilgewater Harbor [59, 51]
Official alliance mini-icon Exodar, The The Crystal Hall [41, 26]
Official alliance mini-icon Bloodmyst Isle Blood Watch [55, 69]
Official alliance mini-icon Darkshore South-West of Lor'danel [48, 22]
Official alliance mini-icon Desolace Nijel's Point [65, 17]
Official horde mini-icon Desolace Shadowprey Village [26, 76]
Official horde mini-icon Durotar Razor Hill [52, 47]
Official horde mini-icon Orgrimmar Western Earthshrine [47, 38]
Official alliance mini-icon Dustwallow Marsh Sentry Point - up the road from Theramore [62, 40]
Official horde mini-icon Dustwallow Marsh Brackenwall Village [33, 30]
Official alliance mini-icon Feralas Feathermoon Stronghold [46, 43]
Official horde mini-icon Feralas Camp Mojache [72, 47]
Neutral 15 Mount Hyjal Nordrassil [63, 23]
Official horde mini-icon Mulgore Bloodhoof Village [51, 60]
Official horde mini-icon Northern Barrens Crossroads [50, 54]
Official horde mini-icon Thunder Bluff Spirit Rise [21, 26]
Official alliance mini-icon Silithus Cenarion Hold [60, 33]
Official horde mini-icon Silithus Cenarion Hold [50, 41]
Official horde mini-icon Southern Barrens Desolation Hold [41, 68]
Official alliance mini-icon Southern Barrens Fort Triumph [48, 72]
Official horde mini-icon Stonetalon Mountains Sun Rock Retreat [53, 62]
Official alliance mini-icon Stonetalon Mountains Mirkfallon Post [49, 51]
Official alliance mini-icon Tanaris Gadgetzan [52, 29]
Official horde mini-icon Tanaris Gadgetzan [49, 27]
Official alliance mini-icon Darnassus Warrior's Terrace [64, 48]
Official alliance mini-icon Teldrassil Dolanaar [55, 52.6]
Official alliance mini-icon Uldum Ramkahen [53, 32]
Official horde mini-icon Uldum Ramkahen [53, 34]
Official alliance mini-icon Un'Goro Crater Marshal's Stand [59, 63]
Official horde mini-icon Un'Goro Crater Marshal's Stand [56, 65]
Official alliance mini-icon Winterspring Everlook [61, 47]
Official horde mini-icon Winterspring Everlook [58, 47]
Zone Region Coords
Official alliance mini-icon Blade's Edge Mountains Sylvanaar [42, 66]
Official horde mini-icon Blade's Edge Mountains Thunderlord Stronghold [50, 59]
Official alliance mini-icon Hellfire Peninsula Honor Hold [62, 58]
Official horde mini-icon Hellfire Peninsula Thrallmar [57, 42]
Official alliance mini-icon Nagrand Telaar [50, 70]
Official horde mini-icon Nagrand Garadar [51, 34]
Official alliance mini-icon Netherstorm Area 52 [31, 63]
Official horde mini-icon Netherstorm Area 52 [32, 68]
Official alliance mini-icon Shadowmoon Valley Wildhammer Stronghold [40, 55]
Official horde mini-icon Shadowmoon Valley Shadowmoon Village [33, 30]
Neutral 15 Shattrath Terrace of Light [61, 32]
Official alliance mini-icon Terokkar Forest Allerian Stronghold [55, 55]
Official horde mini-icon Terokkar Forest Stonebreaker Hold [52, 43]
Official alliance mini-icon Zangarmarsh Telredor [69, 52]
Official horde mini-icon Zangarmarsh Zabra'Jin [36, 52]
Zone Region Coords
Official alliance mini-icon Borean Tundra Fizzcrank Airstrip [55, 20]
Official horde mini-icon Borean Tundra Bor'gorok Outpost [51, 12]
Official alliance mini-icon Crystalsong Forest Windrunner's Overlook [78, 75]
Official horde mini-icon Crystalsong Forest Sunreaver's Command [80, 53]
Official alliance mini-icon Dragonblight Wintergarde Keep [75, 44]
Official horde mini-icon Dragonblight Agmar's Hammer [39, 48]
Official alliance mini-icon Howling Fjord Fort Wildervar [58, 16]
Official horde mini-icon Howling Fjord Camp Winterhoof [48, 13]
Official alliance mini-icon Grizzly Hills Amberpine Lodge [34, 61]
Official horde mini-icon Grizzly Hills Conquest Hold [19, 61]
Official alliance mini-icon Sholazar Basin River's Heart [47, 66]
Official horde mini-icon Sholazar Basin River's Heart [47, 62]
Official alliance mini-icon Storm Peaks K3 [42, 87]
Official horde mini-icon Storm Peaks K3 [40, 86]
Official alliance mini-icon Zul'Drak The Argent Stand [41, 61]
Official horde mini-icon Zul'Drak The Argent Stand [43, 71]
Zone Region Coords
Neutral 15 Shimmering Expanse Silver Tide Hollow [49, 42]
Neutral 15 Deepholm Temple of Earth [49, 51]
Zone Region Coords
Neutral 15 Kun-Lai Summit Binan Village [71.1, 90.9]
Neutral 15 Jade Forest Dawn's Blossom [47.2, 47.2]
Neutral 15 Krasarang Wilds Zhu's Watch [74.0, 9.49]
Neutral 15 Townlong Steppes Longying Outpost [71.5, 56.3]
Neutral 15 Valley of the Four Winds Halfhill [51.8, 51.4]
Neutral 15 Dread Wastes Soggy's Bottom [56.1, 69.5]
Both 15 Vale of Eternal Blossoms Mogu'shan Palace [77.8, 33.9]
See also Alliance Bonfires, Horde Bonfires, and Neutral Bonfires


Note: Meta achievements are located in a separate table at the bottom of this section.



Previously, the Reveler set items could be used to get Burning Hot Pole Dance and then returned (within 2 hours of purchase) for a full refund, allowing you to use those Blossoms for other purchases. In 2010, Festival Garb (Inv shoulder 23 [Mantle of the Fire Festival] Inv chest cloth 72 [Vestment of Summer] Inv boots cloth 13 [Sandals of Summer]) is no longer refundable, so spend your Blossoms wisely!

2009 issues

When the Midsummer event started, flags for completion of the quests in 2008 had not been reset, preventing those who had completed one-time quests in 2008 from getting those quests and gathering Burning Blossoms. Further, characters above level 70 did not have a version of the quest Striking Back.

Recent In-Game Fixes - 6/22/09 | 2009-06-22 22:59 | Bornakk
We are in the process of applying an in-game fix that will restart all of the quests associated with the Midsummer Fire Festival event and allow players to complete them once again. If you are in the process of completing an achievement such as Extinguishing Kalimdor, this fix will reset your progress and you will need start over. This fix will require realms to be restarted.

View original post

This fix allowed anyone who had already completed any bonfire quests in 2009 before the fix was applied to gather more Blossoms that year than are usually available. Completed achievements were not revoked, but partially completed ones lost all progress. The Striking Back quest for 67-70 characters was extended to 67-80, once again allowing 20 Blossoms per day from daily quests.

While the initial patch was to have reset all event quests, it proved incomplete in many cases. Many reported being unable to complete the "city flames" quests for Exodar and Silvermoon despite being able to repeat those for other cities. At least one realm was not reset properly the first time, and further issues were found.[3] A number of players have continued to have problems with the Exodar and Silvermoon city flame quests.


Patches and hotfixes

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