Micromenu PTR5 4 2-build17614

Patch 5.4.2 micro menu

The Micro Menu is a collection of small buttons located between the main Action Bar and the character's bag slots. The buttons open various UI panels.

Icon Functionality
Current Elements
Micromenu charinfo btn 32x24 Character Info window (sometimes called the "paper doll"). The icon changes to match the character's appearance.
Micromenu spellbook btn 32x24 Spellbook & Abilities window which includes companions and mounts.
Micromenu talents btn 32x24 Talents window which includes glyphs.
UI-Achievements-icon Achievements window (includes Statistics). Introduced in Patch 3.0.
Micromenu questlog btn Quest Log; Icon changed from Micromenu questlog btn 32x24.
Micromenu guild btn
Micromenu guild finder btn 4 2 0 14133
Guild window. The icon changes to match the character's guild crest. As of Patch 4.1, changes to Micromenu guild finder btn 4 2 0 14133 Guild Finder button if character not in a guild. Replaced Socials window in Patch 4.0.1.
Micromenu pvp btn 32x24
Micromenu pvp horde btn 4 2 0 14133
Player vs. Player window (honor and arena points, as well as battleground queueing). The icon changes to match the character's faction. Introduced in Patch 3.0.
Micromenu lfg btn 32x24 Dungeon Finder window. Replaced LFG/LFM window in Patch 3.3.0, which also replaced the World Map button in Patch 2.0.
Micromenu journal btn 4 2 0 14133 Dungeon Journal window.
Added in Patch 4.2.
Micromenu game menu green btn 4 2 0 14133 Options (Game Menu) window (Help, Options, Interface, Key Binding, Macros, Logout, Exit Game, and Return to Game).
Since Patch 3.0, the monitor changes color based on your latency (green, yellow, or red). As of Patch 4.0.1, icon changes to Micromenu game menu stream btn 4 2 0 14133 when streaming non-critical data downloaded in the background. Icon replaced from Micromenu options btn 32x24. Moved to far right end of the Micro Menu in Patch 5.4.2.
Added in Patch 5.0.4
Micromenu mountspets btn 32x24 Mounts and Pets window.
Replaced Socials window button.
Added in Patch 5.4.2
Micromenu shop btn 32x24 In-game shop.
Replaced Help Request window button, but Options (Game Menu) button (Micromenu game menu green btn 4 2 0 14133) moved to far right.
Old Elements
Micromenu report btn 32x24 Help Request for making Game Master tickets and other options via the Customer Support window. Removed in Patch 5.4.2, but still accessible via Game Menu (press Esc or click Micromenu game menu green btn 4 2 0 14133) Help button (at top).
Micromenu raid socials btn 4 2 0 14133 Socials window, but defaulting to Raid List and showing "Raid" as a tooltip.
Added in Patch 4.2, but replaced by Mounts and Pets button in Patch 5.0.4.
Micromenu socials btn 32x24 Socials window (Friends List, Ignore List, Who List, Guild List, Raid List)
Replaced by the Guild button in Patch 4.0.1.
Micromenu map btn World Map window.
Removed with Patch 2.0.1 ( Bc icon Burning Crusade system patch).
Ui latency greenUi latency yellowUi latency red Latency status bar; changes color based on connection latency.
Merged with the Options button in Patch 3.0.0.

In Cataclysm Edit

Cataclysm-Logo-Small This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

In Patch 4.2 Edit

Micro Menu 4 2 0 14107 Micro menu-4 2 0 14313

The Micromenu journal btn 4 2 0 14133 button is the new Dungeon Journal introduced in Patch 4.2. The Micromenu raid socials btn 4 2 0 14133 button is for the Socials window, but defaults to the Raid tab by design (not sure who really wanted it though).

Old versions Edit

Old versions
Micro Menu 5 0 5 16057
Mists of Pandaria

UI-Micro Menu Cata UI-Micro Menu WotLK
Cataclysm Wrath of the Lich King

UI-Micro Menu BC UI-Micro Menu WoW
Burning Crusade World of Warcraft

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