Micah Stonebreaker is a level 72 Dwarf, captured and held in a cage in the middle of New Agamand in Howling Fjord. The Forsaken of New Amagand test their poisons on him.


Micah Stonebreaker shakes the bars of the cage weakly.
  • [Dwarvish] "Brann's beard, just STOP!" ([Dwarvish] KaelsAg havar grum RAND (presumed))
The dwarf coughs, sputters, and shivers in the cage.
  • [Dwarvish] "What's that n-AGH!" ([Dwarvish]DUN red frean grum eft khazregA.)
A low, despairing moan escapes the caged dwarf.


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It is possible that he is related to Kelstrum Stonebreaker, a Warrior trainer in Ironforge, and Bor Stonebreaker, the name of a random Mountain King in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.

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