Inv scroll 03

This item is provided for, and is an objective of, the quest Alliance 15 [24] In Search of The Excavation Teamω τ ϖ.

Merrin's Letter Edit

My Dearest Tarrel -

Excuse the haste with which this correspondence was written but time is not a luxury we have.

The dig crew was making significant progress unearthing important Titan artifacts. But we began to discover other ancient objects, specifically large bones.

Not long after the bones were dug up we fell victim to attack by Raptors. The battalion of men from Longbraid's regiment fought valiantly. But ultimately, they were overwhelmed. Nearly everyone perished. Only 3 of us survived. A laborer by the name of Ormer Ironbraid proved to be most heroic as he ensured the safety of myself and Prospector Whelgar.

We now take refuge in a sheltered cavern, seemingly out of harm's way. But we are indeed trapped until a force can be sent to reckon with the Raptors. Whelgar is trying to continue work but I suspect he is still quite frightened. That is our situation, Tarrel. Please urge Longbraid to muster a rescue force at once.

My love for you remains strong, even through this dire time.


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