Diminishing returns Edit

Avoidance stats suffer from diminishing returns ("DR"), meaning the rate of return for each point contributed from gear is not constant. The in game tooltips will show the undiminished value, but the amount actually received is lower. Base stats and talents are not affected by DR, but stats from gear are diminished.

The basic formula to calculate the diminished part of a stat is as follows:

d = \frac{b \cdot c}{b + k \cdot c}    
d = \mbox{Diminished value}
c = \mbox{Cap of stat, which varies by class}
k = \mbox{Coefficient, which varies by class}
b = \mbox{Base amount of the stat which is modified by DR}

(Note that standard algebraic operator precedence applies to the denominator. Multiply k by c, then add b.)

Class specifics Edit

These coefficients and were calculated by Whitetooth, the author of RatingBuster and TankPoints, primarily through his own personal research and research found on the ElitistJerks forums.

Class k Parry cap Dodge cap Miss cap Lv80 Dodge%/Agi Base Dodge%
Warrior 0.9560 47.003525 88.129021 16 0.013600 3.463600
Paladin 0.9560 47.003525 88.129021 16 0.019200 3.268500
Hunter 0.9880 145.560408 145.560408 0.013300 -5.450000
Rogue 0.9880 145.560408 145.560408 0.024100 -0.590000
Priest 0.9530 0 150.375940 0.019200 3.183000
Deathknight 0.9560 47.003525 88.129021 16 0.013600 3.463600
Shaman 0.9880 145.560408 145.560408 0.019200 1.675000
Mage 0.9530 0 150.375940 0.019500 3.457500
Warlock 0.9530 0 150.375940 0.019200 2.035000
Druid 0.9720 0 116.890707 0.024000 4.951000

Because dodge contributed from agility suffers from DR, and base dodge varies per class, these are shown as well. Avoidance stats from spells and talents do not suffer from DR, including dodge contributed from base agility.

Classes that show no parry cap are classes that do not have the parry ability.

"Lv80 Dodge%/Agi" is the undiminished rate of "percent chance to dodge" contributed for each point of agility.

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