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The beasts and where to find them, by zone:

Blade's Edge MountainsEdit

Hellfire PeninsulaEdit



Shadowmoon ValleyEdit

Terokkar ForestEdit

  • Crippler - around Auchindoun.
  • Doomsayer Jurim - patrols the main roads in the forest between Hellfire Peninsula, Shattrath and the Bone Wastes.
  • Okrek - can spawn in any of the Arakkoa encampments, except for Skettis, the encampment near Bleeding Hollow Ruins, and the Arakkoa ghost area in the Bone Wastes.



A handy macro for targeting them, as you fly about:

/tar Fulgor
/tar Mekt
/tar Vorak
/tar Martic
/tar Bog Lurk
/tar Coilfang Em
/tar Crip
/tar Doomsay
/tar Okrek
/tar Goretoo
/tar Voidhunt
/tar Morc
/tar Hema
/tar Speak
/tar Nura
/tar Ever-Core
/tar Chief Engineer L
/tar Collid
/tar Kraat
/tar Ambassador J

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