Adds 'tags' and other fix-ups on wiki pages for user roles and names. Use MediaWiki:UserTags/code.js to edit the list of roles or other names to display for user tags.Do not use this facility directly on wiki pages in wiki markup, is automatic 'passive' extension. Wikified user serviceable account 'tagging' component.

Extension components
MediaWiki:UserTags/code.css - UserTags CSS. loads before 'Wiki' CSS files, and is overridable.
MediaWiki:UserTags/code.js - UserTags JS code. loads before 'Wiki' JS files, controllable start-up time.
MediaWiki:UserTags/Test - test 'harness' for verifying back-end code.
Accreditation and other files
these files are no longer used on WoWWiki and are provided here for reference
MediaWiki:UserTags/userRightsIcons.js - original implementation on WoWWiki for userRightIcons.js.
MediaWiki:UserTags/inactiveUsers.js - original implementation on Wikia dev for InactiveUsers/code.js.
u:dev:InactiveUsers/code.js - Wikia Inactive users merged into userRightIcons.js.
u:dev:InactiveUsers - Wikia Inactive users project.

Note: The original 'WikiMedia:Wikia.s/userRightsIcons.js' origin unknown, was derived from other script floating around Wikia.