Useful hints

Location pictures should...
Show no UI
Not show the player character
< Example location >

NPC portraits should...
Show the NPC selected
Be cropped to the NPC's shape
< Example NPC >

For WoW icons...
Visit WoWWiki:WoW Icons

Above all...
Read the image guidelines!

Use this page to upload images. Previously uploaded images: list, gallery, upload log.

To include an image in a page, it is often best to use a link in the form [[File:Name.jpg|thumb|caption]].
For more technical detail on using images, see Help:Editing#Images.

Before you upload:

  • Check out the image policy before uploading, and see the image guidelines for info about transparency, compression and formats!
    • Note that datamined pictures of unreleased content are not allowed. In-game screenshots obtained from the live clients are okay.
  • Please add the source of an image in the summary section.
  • All WoW icons are already added to the wiki - see here for info.
  • You must select what license the file is available under before uploading!

Please upload screenshots from the Legion-Logo-Small Legion Alpha or Beta! :)

Please don't upload zone map images before checking if they have already been uploaded under the correct name.

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