Medallion of the Horde (level 80, rating)

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For other versions, see Medallion of the Horde.
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  • Medallion of the Horde
  • Item Level 226
    Disenchants into:
    [Abyss Crystal]: 1-2
  • Binds when picked up
  • Unique
  • Trinket
  • Races: Orc, Undead, Tauren, Troll, Blood Elf
  • Requires level 80
  • Requires personal and team arena rating of 1800
  • Equip: Improves your resilience rating by 108.
    Use: Removes all movement impairing effects and all effects which cause loss of control of your character.
  • Cooldown: 2 minutes


This item is no longer available to players.

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