Mechanized Snow Goggles (cloth)

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Much like Green Lens and Wild Leather Vest, this item is created with a random enchantment.


This item is made by Engineers, requiring skill of 400 or greater, and using a Blacksmith Hammer tool.

Materials required:

Random enchantments Edit

Item Suffix Stats Bonus odds
of Speed +101 Haste Rating 11.6%
of Spirit +101 Spirit 8.7%
of the Eagle +67 Intellect, +101 Stamina 9.4%
of the Foreseer +53 Intellect, +53 Haste Rating, +62 Spell Power 16.4%
of the Hierophant +79 Stamina, +53 Spirit, +62 Spell Power 18.5%
of the Invoker +53 Intellect, +62 Spell Power, +53 Critical Strike Rating 16.6%
of the Sorcerer +79 Stamina, +53 Intellect, +62 Spell Power 18.8%

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