A group of night elf hunters caught a goblin tinker merrily working away at southern Ashenvale's trees with his goblin shredder. They kidnapped him and forced him to create an alternative machine to fix the damage he'd done. The mechanical planter (the goblin refused to have his name or his race attached to the device) includes three devices.

  • Drill: The planter rolls forward on two treads, and a drill goes straight into the earth, forming a planting hole. The drill can go as deep as 5 feet; the driver determines the depth.
  • Plant: The planter rolls forward 3 feet, and stops while either a seed or a seedling is dropped into the hole. The mechanical planter clears the ground by 3 feet, so it damages any seedling larger than 3 feet tall.
  • Cover: The planter rolls forward 3 more feet and shovel-like arms come out and scrape the dirt back into the hole, tamping it down.

When not planting, the planter can move at 10 miles per hour.[1]

References Edit

  1. ^ More Magic and Mayhem, pg. 193-194

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