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Meathook is an abomination and the first boss of the Culling of Stratholme, a wing of the Caverns of Time. He demands the party play with him.

Attacks and abilitiesEdit


  • Constricting Chains is an instant cast by Meathook every 8-12 seconds causing 1800 Physical damage dealt every 1 sec and stunning the target, for 4 seconds.
  • Frenzy is added to the boss, adding +10% to how much damage he deals. May stack reaching up to 50% [unknown dependencies for stacking]
  • Disease Expulsion (AOE) - Meathook belches out a cloud of disease, dealing 1710 to 1890 Nature damage (about 1500 on plate) and interrupting the spell casting of nearby enemy targets for 4 sec.
  • Health - He has 421,300 HP on heroic mode.


  • Disease Expulsion (AOE) - Meathook belches out a cloud of disease, dealing 713 to 787 Nature damage and interrupting the spell casting of nearby enemy targets for 4 sec.



On both Normal and Heroic, the boss is a simple Tank and Spank. The zombies that surround it may trouble the healer, but should be easily tanked. Healing consumables for the DPS or use of a backup healer may be necessary in case the healer cannot keep up with the damage output of the boss, although this is far from certain. The DPS and tank must be aware of the possibility that the healer will be hit by constricting chains, and thusly unable to heal. The encounter may be simplified by tanking the boss against the wall, with the healer out of line of sight, and thus unable to be hit by the chains.

Rogue anesthetic poison will not remove Meathook's Frenzy.

Constricting ChainsEdit

It has been confirmed that the Constricting Chains on Heroic Mode will hit the party member with the least amount of aggro on the boss. If your healer is light on threat then they will always be hit and thus makes the fight extremely difficult. Hunters and Rogues can misdirect threat onto the healer when it is safe and will not cause them to pass the tank, or various DPS can use a cooldown to wipe aggro and take the bottom to soak the chains.

Constricting Chains seems to be linked to both threat and distance. Threat alone does not seem to dictate who he will chain.


Inv sword 99
Inv boots plate 09
Inv jewelry ring 07
Inv pants leather 26

Heroic LootEdit

Inv belt 30
Inv pants plate 02
Inv shoulder 69
Inv gauntlets 21
Spell holy summonchampion

Quotes Edit


  • Play time!


  • New toys!

Killing a player:

  • Boring...
  • Why you stop moving?
  • Get up! Me not done!


  • This not fun...

External links Edit

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