Spell fire moltenblood Neutral 15 Master of the Molten Flow 10 Money achievement
Complete the following challenges within the Molten Flow.

Master of the Molten Flow is an achievement that can only be legitimately completed after having unlocked the Druids of the Talon during the Firelands Invasion. Players need to enter the Molten Flow and kill/survive the mobs in the manner described.


  • Not all the mobs will cast their respective abilities all the time. This can become quite tedious.
  • Flamewaker Shaman: as stated, the Shaman needs to die from its own Flamewave. Killing it by any other means will not result in success.
  • Flamewaker Hunter: Barrage tends to be a quick cast, but shadows will appear on the ground below you. Pay attention and move out of the way of the launches. Thermal vents may be used to your advantage.
  • Flamewaker Sentinel: Pet classes will have an easier time with this. A Paladin's Guardian cannot be targeted by the Sentinel.

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