Master Handler Sylvester is a blood elf that sends "A Very Special Delivery" letter, which includes the Ammen Vale Gift Voucher, Camp Narache Gift Voucher, Coldridge Valley Gift Voucher, Deathknell Gift Voucher, Northshire Gift Voucher, Shadowglen Gift Voucher, Sunstrider Isle Gift Voucher and Valley of Trials Gift Voucher.

He also sends the "Special Delivery" letter that includes the [Netherwhelp's Collar], with a special bonus [Lurky's Egg] for European players, and Grunty's [Heavy Murloc Egg] from BlizzCon 2009.

In 2.4.3 he also sent you the Swift Zhevra Mount from the Recruit-A-Friend system. Starting in 3.3.3, he now sends the X-53 Touring Rocket instead.

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