Martha Weller

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NeutralNPC 32Martha Weller
Gender Female
Race Human (Undead)
Level 75
Health 8,508
Mana 7,981
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Darkmoon Island

Martha Weller is one of seven ghosts found wandering Darkmoon Island, encountered when players are in their spirit form after dying. She is the only ghost found within the Darkmoon Faire, haunting the western area[47.6, 73.2] where the Injured Carnies are resting. This is also the place where the Spirit Healer is located. Speaking with her will reveal the following (requires multiple interactions):

The faire is my family. I would never leave my family.
I could never leave an injured friend alone...
So many people to tend to...

Martha obviously is unable to depart the world due to her overwhelming desire to assist her injured carnival friends. There is no indication of how she died.

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NPC level75 +
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