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Marshal Expeditions[1][2] is a non-aligned expedition troupe that is made up of Williden Marshal, Hol'anyee Marshal, and other members of every civilized race, both Alliance and Horde.[3][4] It seems that Williden's latest and greatest endeavor was not fully prepared for everything, having underestimating the savagery of Un'Goro Crater, and ended sooner than they wished.[4] A mangled journal found among the beasts of Un'Goro shows that he and his companions sought higher ground from the savage beasts of the Crater once their base camps were overrun, making their escape at Marshal's Refuge.[5]

They ask adventurers to help recover a Crate of Foodstuffs and Research Equipment they had to leave behind in their base camps in order to escape the beasts of Un'goro Crater.[4]


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