Marrod Silvertongue is a level 70 "human" found at Fort Wildervar in Howling Fjord.

He's apparently more than he appears: Although he appears to be an ordinary human male, his type is actually giant.


Welcome to Fort Wildervar, brave homesteaders! There's a whole continent out there just waiting to be claimed.
True, Northrend is a hard land, but our people are strong, hardy, and equal to the task!
We will win this land with the sword, and break it with the plow! You are the men and women who will be remembered for taming the wild continent!
But, you will not be out there alone. My men and I have prepared pack mules carrying the supplies you'll need most.
Axes, picks, seed, nails, food, blankets, water... it's all there, waiting for you. I think you'll find my prices quite reasonable, too.
There are more than enough to go around. Should you need other goods, don't hesitate to ask!
Now my loyal custo... er, friends, go forth and conquer this land for our people!


The term "silver tongue" is an expression used to describe a person who is able to clearly and effectively express themselves or who has a clever way with words.[1]


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