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Spell nature spiritarmor
  • Mark of Nature
  • You have been weakened by death! Susceptible to Aura of Nature.
  • Duration: 15 minutes

Mark of Nature is a powerful debuff used by the Dragons of Nightmare. It will be applied to a player when he/she dies within a certain radius to a dragon, and is created by another ability called Aura of Nature. Combined with Mark of Nature, Aura of Nature will create a 2-minute stun, forcing the player to sleep and thus preventing any action. The effect's purpose is a fight-"limiter", preventing dying players from corpse running back to the still-alive raid and graveyard zerg the dragons.[1]


  • This mechanic is similar to the mechanic of the blue dragon Azuregos and Mark of Frost.
  • Mark of Nature is undispellable.
  • Mark of Nature will also be applied to player minions, such as hunter pets, when they die.[1]
  • The stun will be refreshed as long as both Mark of Nature and Aura of Nature is present.[1]
  • Mark of Nature will be refreshed to its full 15 minute duration each time a player who already has it dies.


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