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Neutral 32Marinda
NightElffemale nopic
Gender Female
Race Night elf
Character class Priestess of the Moon
Affiliation Sisters of Elune, Kaldorei Resistance
Position Interim high priestess of Elune
Location Unknown
Status Deceased; Slain during the War of the Ancients
This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Marinda was a senior priestess of the Sisters of Elune. It was she who informed Tyrande Whisperwind that she had been chosen as the new high priestess. During Tyrande's initial tenure, she was chosen to succeed Whisperwind in the event anything should befall the new high priestess. Shortly after that, an Eredar warlock killed Marinda. Maiev Shadowsong succeeded her as interim high priestess, who in turn returned the title to Tyrande.

Preceded by:
Tyrande Whisperwind
High Priestess of Elune (interim)
Succeeded by:
Maiev Shadowsong (interim)

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