Marek Ironheart is a level 15 quest giver located in the Farstrider Lodge[81, 61]
in the dwarven territory of Loch Modan. Marek Ironheart is a grizzled Ironforge dwarf. He manages the hunting enclave at the Farstrider Lodge. Marek and Brann Bronzebeard knew each other when they were young lads; Brann believes he was always a pain in the ass, but that he has mellowed out some.[1] (LoC 78)

He may be related to Archaeologist Adamant Ironheart. As Brann Bronzebeard turns dark and fades away into Ironforge, He is busy hunting crocolisks not knowing what happened to his childhood friend.

He starts the quest Alliance 15 [15] Crocolisk Hunting.

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