Map Chamber

Map Chamber

The Map Chamber is located inside Uldaman, past the Hall of the Keepers. Like many other parts of the dungeon, it is crawling with troggs. The hall leads into a series of rough tunnels to the northwest, that eventually end up in Echomok Cavern, Dig Three, Temple Hall, or the Stone Vault, depending on which route is picked.

The main feature of the Map Chamber is a large model map of Uldaman in all its former glory embedded in the floor. By combining the Gni'kiv Medallion and the Shaft of Tsol (Gni'kiv Tsol spells 'Lost Viking' backwards, a reference to an early Blizzard game), and creating the Staff of Prehistoria, one can insert the latter into the model map and open the door to a hidden chamber featuring Ironaya.

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