API types

mapIDs are unique numeric identifiers for zone maps used by the WoW API. These are used by the SetMapByID API function, or used as a locale-independent way to identify zones. Certain sections may require updating from time to time. Please consider adding or correcting data in this list. See also GetCurrentMapAreaID, GetQuestWorldMapAreaID, API GetMapNameByID. See also InstanceMapID.

The 'mapID' for the current zone can be obtained in-game by entering in chat:

/script print(GetCurrentMapAreaID())

Legend Edit

World Maps Edit

IID Instance Name MapID Map Name Expansion
0 Eastern Kingdoms 14 Eastern Kingdoms 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
1 Kalimdor 13 Kalimdor 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
530 Outland 466 Outland 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
571 Northrend 485 Northrend 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
870 Pandaria 862 Pandaria 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18

Eastern Kingdoms Edit

MapID Map Name Features Expansion
16 Arathi Highlands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
17 Badlands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
19 Blasted Lands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
20 Tirisfal Glades 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
21 Silverpine Forest 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
22 Western Plaguelands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
23 Eastern Plaguelands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
24 Hillsbrad Foothills 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
26 The Hinterlands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
27 Dun Morogh 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
28 Searing Gorge 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
29 Burning Steppes 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
30 Elwynn Forest 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
32 Deadwind Pass 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
34 Duskwood 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
35 Loch Modan 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
36 Redridge Mountains 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
37 Northern Stranglethorn 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
38 Swamp of Sorrows 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
39 Westfall 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
40 Wetlands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
301 Stormwind City Capitol City 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
341 Ironforge Capitol City 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
382 Undercity Capitol City 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
610 Kelp'thar Forest 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
613 Vashj'ir 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
614 Abyssal Depths 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
615 Shimmering Expanse 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
673 The Cape of Stranglethorn 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
684 Ruins of Gilneas 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
685 Ruins of Gilneas City 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
689 Stranglethorn Vale 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
700 Twilight Highlands 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
770 Twilight Highlands Terrain 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
864 Northshire 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
866 Coldridge Valley 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
892 Deathknell 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
895 New Tinkertown 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
992 Blasted Lands Terrain 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
502 The Scarlet Enclave
545 Gilneas
611 Gilneas City
708 Tol Barad
709 Tol Barad Peninsula

Kalimdor Edit

MapID Map Name Features Expansion
4 Durotar 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
9 Mulgore 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
11 Northern Barrens 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
41 Teldrassil 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
42 Darkshore 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
43 Ashenvale 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
61 Thousand Needles 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
81 Stonetalon Mountains 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
101 Desolace 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
121 Feralas 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
141 Dustwallow Marsh 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
161 Tanaris 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
181 Azshara 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
182 Felwood 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
201 Un'Goro Crater 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
241 Moonglade 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
261 Silithus 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
281 Winterspring 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
321 Orgrimmar Capitol City 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
362 Thunder Bluff Capitol City 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
381 Darnassus Capitol City 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
606 Mount Hyjal 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
607 Southern Barrens 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
683 Mount Hyjal Terrain 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
720 Uldum 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
748 Uldum Terrain 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
772 Ahn'Qiraj: The Fallen Kingdom 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
888 Shadowglen 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
889 Valley of Trials 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
890 Camp Narache 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
891 Echo Isles 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
907 Dustwallow Marsh Terrain 0Classic WoW Icon 16x16
795 Molten Front

Outland Edit

MapID Map Name Features Expansion
462 Eversong Woods 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
463 Ghostlands 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
464 Azuremyst Isle 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
465 Hellfire Peninsula 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
467 Zangarmarsh 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
471 The Exodar Capitol City 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
473 Shadowmoon Valley 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
475 Blade's Edge Mountains 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
476 Bloodmyst Isle 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
477 Nagrand 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
478 Terokkar Forest 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
479 Netherstorm 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
480 Silvermoon City Capitol City 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
481 Shattrath City Shared City 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
499 Isle of Quel'Danas 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
893 Sunstrider Isle 1Burning Crusade Bc icon
894 Ammen Vale 1Burning Crusade Bc icon

Northrend Edit

MapID Map Name
485 Northrend
486 Borean Tundra
510 Crystalsong Forest
504 Dalaran
488 Dragonblight
490 Grizzly Hills
491 Howling Fjord
541 Hrothgar's Landing
492 Icecrown
493 Sholazar Basin
495 The Storm Peaks
501 Wintergrasp
496 Zul'Drak
MapID Map Name Features Expansion
486 Borean Tundra 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
488 Dragonblight 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
490 Grizzly Hills 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
491 Howling Fjord 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
492 Icecrown 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
493 Sholazar Basin 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
495 The Storm Peaks 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
496 Zul'Drak 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
501 Wintergrasp 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
504 Dalaran Shared City 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
510 Crystalsong Forest 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18
541 Hrothgar's Landing 2WotLK Icon Wrath 30x18

The Maelstrom Edit

MapID Map Name
751 The Maelstrom
640 Deepholm
605 Kezan
544 The Lost Isles
737 The Maelstrom

Pandaria Edit

MapID Map Name
862 Pandaria
858 Dread Wastes
929 Isle of Giants
928 Isle of Thunder
857 Krasarang Wilds
809 Kun-Lai Summit
905 Shrine of Seven Stars
903 Shrine of Two Moons
806 The Jade Forest
873 The Veiled Stair
808 The Wandering Isle
810 Townlong Steppes
811 Vale of Eternal Blossoms
807 Valley of the Four Winds
MapID Map Name Features Expansion
806 The Jade Forest 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
807 Valley of the Four Winds 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
809 Kun-Lai Summit 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
810 Townlong Steppes 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
811 Vale of Eternal Blossoms 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
857 Krasarang Wilds 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
858 Dread Wastes 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
873 The Veiled Stair 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
903 Shrine of Two Moons 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
905 Shrine of Seven Stars 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
910 Krasarang Wilds Terrain 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
929 Isle of Giants 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18
951 Timeless Isle 4Pandaria Icon Mists 34x18

Draenor Edit

MapID Map Name
976 Garrison (Horde)
962 Draenor
947 Shadowmoon Valley
941 Frostfire Ridge
949 Gorgrond
946 Talador

Spires of Arak

950 Nagrand

Broken Isles Edit

MapID Map Name
1015 Azsuna
1021 Broken Shore
1014 Dalaran
1096 Eye of Azshara
1024 High Mountain
1017 StormHeim
1033 Suramar
1018 Val'sharah

Instances Edit

Arenas Edit

MapID Map Name
-1 Blade's Edge Arena
-1 Dalaran Arena
-1 Nagrand Arena
-1 Ruins of Lordaeron
-1 The Ring of Valor

Battlegrounds Edit

MapID Map Name
401 Alterac Valley
461 Arathi Basin
935 Deepwind Gorge
482 Eye of the Storm
540 Isle of Conquest
860 Silvershard Mines
512 Strand of the Ancients
856 Temple of Kotmogu
736 The Battle for Gilneas
626 Twin Peaks
443 Warsong Gulch

Classic Dungeons Edit

MapID Map Name
688 Blackfathom Deeps
704 Blackrock Depths
721 Blackrock Spire
699 Dire Maul
691 Gnomeregan
750 Maraudon
680 Ragefire Chasm
760 Razorfen Downs
761 Razorfen Kraul
764 Shadowfang Keep
765 Stratholme
756 The Deadmines
690 The Stockade
687 The Temple of Atal'Hakkar
692 Uldaman
749 Wailing Caverns
686 Zul'Farrak

Classic Raids Edit

MapID Map Name
755 Blackwing Lair
696 Molten Core
717 Ruins of Ahn'Qiraj
766 Temple of Ahn'Qiraj

Burning Crusade Dungeons Edit

MapID Map Name
722 Auchenai Crypts
797 Hellfire Ramparts
798 Magisters' Terrace
732 Mana-Tombs
734 Old Hillsbrad Foothills
723 Sethekk Halls
724 Shadow Labyrinth
731 The Arcatraz
733 The Black Morass
725 The Blood Furnace
729 The Botanica
730 The Mechanar
710 The Shattered Halls
728 The Slave Pens
727 The Steamvault
726 The Underbog

Burning Crusade Raids Edit

MapID Map Name
796 Black Temple
776 Gruul's Lair
775 Hyjal Summit
799 Karazhan
779 Magtheridon's Lair
780 Serpentshrine Cavern
789 Sunwell Plateau
782 The Eye

WotLK Dungeons Edit

MapID Map Name
522 Ahn'kahet: The Old Kingdom
533 Azjol-Nerub
534 Drak'Tharon Keep
530 Gundrak
525 Halls of Lightning
603 Halls of Reflection
526 Halls of Stone
602 Pit of Saron
521 The Culling of Stratholme
601 The Forge of Souls
520 The Nexus
528 The Oculus
536 The Violet Hold
542 Trial of the Champion
523 Utgarde Keep
524 Utgarde Pinnacle

WotLK Raids Edit

MapID Map Name
604 Icecrown Citadel
535 Naxxramas
718 Onyxia's Lair
527 The Eye of Eternity
531 The Obsidian Sanctum
609 The Ruby Sanctum
543 Trial of the Crusader
529 Ulduar
532 Vault of Archavon

Cataclysm Dungeons Edit

MapID Map Name
753 Blackrock Caverns
820 End Time
757 Grim Batol
759 Halls of Origination
819 Hour of Twilight
755 Lost City of the Tol'vir
768 The Stonecore
769 The Vortex Pinnacle
767 Throne of the Tides
816 Well of Eternity
781 Zul'Aman
793 Zul'Gurub

Cataclysm Raids Edit

MapID Map Name
752 Baradin Hold
754 Blackwing Descent
824 Dragon Soul
800 Firelands
758 The Bastion of Twilight
773 Throne of the Four Winds

Pandaria Dungeons Edit

MapID Map Name
875 Gate of the Setting Sun
885 Mogu'Shan Palace
871 Scarlet Halls
874 Scarlet Monastery
898 Scholomance
877 Shado-pan Monastery
887 Siege of Niuzao Temple
876 Stormstout Brewery
867 Temple of the Jade Serpent

Pandaria Raids Edit

MapID Map Name
897 Heart of Fear
896 Mogu'shan Vaults
886 Terrace of Endless Spring
930 Throne of Thunder
953 Siege of Orgrimmar

Pandaria Scenarios Edit

MapID Map Name
878 A Brewing Storm
912 A Little Patience (A)
899 Arena of Annihilation
883 Assault on Zan'vess
884 Brewmoon Festival
900 Crypt of Forgotten Kings
914 Dagger in the Dark (H)
920 Domination Point (H)
880 Greenstone Village
911 Lion's Landing (A)
906 Theramore's Fall (A)
851 Theramore's Fall (H)
882 Unga Ingoo

Warlords Dungeons Edit

MapID Map Name
964 Bloodmaul Slag Mines
987 Iron Docks
984 Auchindoun
989 Skyreach
969 Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
993 Grimrail Depot
1008 The Everbloom
995 Upper Blackrock Spire

Warlords Raids Edit

MapID Map Name
994 Highmaul
988 Blackrock Foundry
1026 Hellfire Citadel

Legion Dungeons Edit

MapID Map Name
1041 Halls of Valor
1065 Neltharion's Lair
1096 Eye of Azshara
1067 Darkheart Thicket
1096 Violet Hold
1099 Black Rook Hold
1087 Court of Stars
1042 Helmouth Cliffs
1102 The Arcway
1045 Vault of the Wardens
1115 Karazhan
1146 Cathedral of Eternal Night

Legion Raids Edit

MapID Map Name
1094 The Emerald Nightmare
1088 The Nighthold
1114 Trial of Valor
1147 Tomb of Sargeras

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