Level 10 Mannoroth Statistics in Warcraft III Edit

Mannoroth is a Reign of Chaos Pit Lord.

BTNShockWave BTNThunderClap PASBTNReincarnation BTNEarthquake
Shockwave Thunder Clap Reincarnation Earthquake
Mannoroth abilities in Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos.
  • 5675 HP (+272% more than a regular Pit Lord)
  • 570 MP (same a regular Pit Lord)
  • 72-79 melee damage (+2% more than a regular Pit Lord)
  • 6 hero armor (same a regular Pit Lord)
  • Attributes
    • 57 Strength (same a regular Pit Lord)
    • 26 Agility (same a regular Pit Lord)
    • 38 Intelligence (same a regular Pit Lord)
  • AbilitiesUi-charactercreate-classes warrior
    • Shockwave (line damage)
    • Thunder Clap (AoE around caster and slows units)
    • Reincarnation (revives Mannoroth)
    • Earthquake (ranged AoE damage on buildings and slows units)

Note: There are two types of Pit Lords. The type Mannoroth is based on is a non-playable type. The other type is the type Magtheridon is based on. This type is a neutral hero which is obtainable at a tavern in melee maps.

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