This article or section contains lore taken from Warcraft novels or short stories.

Mannoroth's Bones Is the Horde Flagship sent to from Ratchet to Borean Tundra to bring the last of the Horde troops home after the War with the Lich King.[1] Cairne Bloodhoof was aboard the ship to supervise the evacuation operations. At then end of the two days the supplies and veterans from Warsong Hold were mostly on Mannoroth's Bones, when a group of Kvaldir landed and attacked the Horde forces at Garrosh Landing.[2] Thankfully between the leadership of Cairne and Garrosh they are able to get the injured to the damaged Mammoroth's Bones and then get out to sea.[3]

While on the way back to Ratchet, Mammoroth's Bones was hit by a short but strong storm. The storm sank two horde ships in the convoy, and also drove an Alliance ship into Horde waters. At seeing the Alliance ship Garrosh orders the its destruction. Cairne tries to the stop the attack but Captain Tula, who agrees with Garrosh's order, pointed out that Cairne was only in charge of the evacuation and not the military forces, who are commanded by Garrosh. The Horde easily captures the Alliance ship, but after the battle, the eleven survivors are given skiffs and told by Garrosh to go and tell others what has happened, of Garrosh's "mercy".[4]

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