This guide comes from my website the site has videos of me soloing the chest spawns. This guide will teach the strategy for soloing the groups you will encounter. The only time you will fight more than two enemies is at chest #3 it is guarded by a group of Mana Leeches. This can all be done in Dungeon 3 (Assassination) set, almost any 70 rogue can do it, I stared with my D3 and some daggers. I typically complete a stealth instance run of Mana-Tombs in about 10 minutes, the instance can only be entered 5 times in 1 hour. By using professions and the auction house you can generate 300-400 gold per hour. This run does not exploit the pathing of monsters like the Slave Pens run and the nerfed Mechanar chest run. Again this guide is only dealing with the groups you will be fighting and will show the exact position of the 9 different chest spawns and 12 mining node spawns. Only 2 chests spawn per run and 2 mining nodes spawn per run. The rest of the guide detailing how to use professions to make more gold with the items you get, along with videos and more maps can be found at

If the site gets too crowded you can find the videos on youtube under marvlis' channel, however they are worse quality than the ones hosted on my homepage.

Mana-Tombs Solo Rogue Stealth Chest Run Guide Edit


I always respec it makes things so much easier, besides you're going to be making 300-400 GOLD PER HOUR, you can afford it. I farm Mana-Tombs with this talent specialization for all the fail safes.

Talent Tree Spec

(Rogue Tanking FTW)

5/5 Lightning Reflexes cuts down on the amount of time you are hit, therefore keeping you alive, and sustaining less damage

5/5 Precision to make sure less of my energy is wasted on missed hits.

5/5 Deflection because you will standing face to face, tanking 65 elites, and the more you parry the less you get hit, the less damage you take, and the longer you stay alive.

2/2 Endurance reduces the cool down of your evasion making it easy to quickly get through Mana-Tombs without having to wait too long for your cool downs to reset

5/5 Dual wield will help you kill the Ethereals by increasing your offhand damage output.

1/1 Blade Fury the only Rogue Area of Effect ability, this is essential for just about every pull in Mana-Tombs

2/2 Expertise reduces your enemy's chance to parry your blows, resulting in more damage, and a quicker easier run.

1/1 Adrenaline Rush is your biggest damage increasing ability.

1/1 Preparation is the ultimate failsafe during these runs. With the addition of a limit to how many times you can enter an instance in an hour (5 times) it is absolutely critical you don't die, it reduces the amount of gold you can make in an hour.

All the other talents are fillers for my style of play.

Individual MonstersEdit

They all hit hard, evasions help a ton.

When fighting more than one opponent I usually use Blade Fury and Adrenaline Rush. Do this particularly if you are under-geared.

Dark Caster
Don't use Cloak of Shadows until late in this encounter, or you may be dotted a second time and not get out of combat to eat in time.
I would not recommend taking on two at a time because of the one minute Cloak of shadows cool down.
They summon four monsters. Kill the Sorcerers quickly, or fight them alone. The only thing more important to take care of than these are Priests. I try to never fight a priest and a sorcerer at the same time.
They also do arcane missiles, not a threat but a well timed kick, will keep them from summoning.
Don't fight two at once or they will do their summon.
Nothing special here, just kick, gouge, kidney shot, or blind their heals.
When fighting two monsters the priest is my main target.
Avoid fighting two priests at once.
There are two types of these guys, the Stalker uses a poison (nature damage every 3 seconds) that can be nullified with Cloak of Shadows, but as with the Darkcasters don't blow your Cloak too soon. Scavenger does another DoT (Physical Damage every 3 seconds), that can not be removed.
Use an evasion
Fighting two of these guys at one time is perfectly acceptable, Blade Fury, Adrenaline Rush, Evasion
Mana Leeches
They explode when their life is low, and they use Fairie Fire, which keeps you from going back into stealth or using vanish, it can be removed with Cloak of Shadows. Don't use cloak until late in the encounter incase you need to vanish, eat, re stealth, and do kill the ones that are left.
You can use Blade Fury, kill half, Cloak of Shadows, Vanish, Eat, and finish them off. You may want to take them on solo to help control when they blow up.
I typically use Blade Fury, Evasion, and Adrenaline rush to kill them all in one shot.
Does Immolate, you can just kick that
Just like the sorcerer, they summon.


Use Blade Fury, Adrenaline Rush and Evasion if the cool down. is up.

There's nothing wrong with vanishing out of a fight you don't think you'll win, so you can eat, reset your cool downs, and regroup, but try to kill one before you vanish. Remember dying lowers the amount of gold you make in an hour much more than Vanishing and resetting your CD's.

Priest/Darkcaster(Darkcaster/ Spellbinder)
Concentrate on the Priest, save energy to kick his heals.
The Darkcaster will be almost dead when the Priest drops, shift your focus to him, save your Cloak of Shadows until the fight is over if you can.
Concentrate on the priest,
If this combo gives you too many problems because of the Sorcerer summoning, use a gouge on the Sorcerer, then blind him when the gouge wears off then gouge him when the blind wears off. By then the priest should be dead. Save enough energy to CC (Crowd Control) the Sorcerer, and kick the Priest's heals.
Priest/Scavenger(Scavenger/ Raider/ Stalker)
This is a straight forward fight, kill the Priest, kick his heals, the kill the Scavenger.
Be safe, use Evasion until you are comfortable with these runs.
Scavenger(Scavenger/ Raider/ Stalker)/Darkcaster(Darkcaster/ Spellbinder)
Focus on the Darkcaster first, so you won't have to deal with the Shadow Word: Pain
When the Darkcaster dies the Scavenger should be at least half way dead, finish him off.
Again, be safe use Evasion
Scavenger(Scavenger/ Raider/ Stalker)/Sorcerer
Kill the Sorcerer
When the Sorcerer dies the Scavenger should be at least half way dead, finish him off.
Again, be safe use Evasion
Scavenger/Scavenger(Scavenger/ Raider/ Stalker)
It's a slugfest. Use Evasion, kill them both.
I can't remember ever coming against this combo, keep one CC'd as I described above under "Priest Sorcerer"
Darkcaster/Darkcaster(Darkcaster/ Spellbinder)
Same strategy as above, keep one CC'd
Never had this combo, keep one CC'd

You won't see me in my videos using as much CC as I suggest, but I have much better gear now than when I started, wearing my Dungeon 3 set.


Mining AND Chests

Yellow=Mining Red=Chest

The red nodes are chests, the yellow are adamantite veins, sometime a khorium will spawn.

Hope you enjoy it before Wrath of the Lich King, I made these videos way too late in The Burning Crusade, but I intend to update the site when we're all 80.

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