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Neutral 32Mam'toth
Gender Male
Race Eternal
Location Unknown
Status Deceased

Mam'toth is a Wild god with his spirit tethered to the Emerald Dream, just as the majority of the Wild gods are. During the War of the Ancients Mam'toth, (as well as many other newly discovered named Wild gods) was not mentioned fighting in the war. Though as many of the Wild gods were at the time, he was probably facing them in the northern part of the continent away from the Well of Eternity. He was the troll's Loa god of mammoths for the Drakkari. Many various tribes of trolls began killing Wild gods to take their power as their own. When they tried to steal Mam'toth's power, he destroyed himself and all those around him, resulting in Mam'toth Crater. From his blood formed the first Magnataur. The Magnataur have held a deep hatred for the Trolls and many other races since their beginnings.

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