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Malgalor was a high-ranking member of the Burning Legion who served under Gul'dan during the Battle on the Broken Shore. He was defeated by the combined efforts of Alliance and Horde adventurers at a later point in that siege; Malgalor was summoned by Gul'dan personally as part of a brace of demonic reinforcements meant to halt the advance of human King Varian Wrynn and the Azerothian entente under his command.

Despite his defeat in this battle, Malgalor was re-summoned by elements of the Legion to aid in maintaining their hold on Broken Shore. During a later skirmish between Legion forces and those of Azeroth, Malgalor was again slain by adventurers.

Following the latter death of Malgalor, adventurers chose to retain an [urn of his blood], which was able to enhance their weapons.

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