Malfurion's Breach

Malfurion's Breach[47, 90]
is the first area players encounter upon stepping through the portal to the Molten Front. It is from here that Malfurion Stormrage and his allies stage their assault against Ragnaros and his elementals. It is accessible after players complete Through the Gates of Hell. More NPCs are added as the player progresses through the Firelands Invasion quests.

It should be noted that this area is considered a sanctuary.


Note: NPCs depend upon phase/progression.

Quest givers


  • The Flamegate leading back to Mount Hyjal.
  • The tree growing atop Malfurion's Breach after the first faction is unlocked.
  • The tree growing atop Malfurion's Breach after the second faction is unlocked.
  • Stockpiles of weapons added after Additional Armaments.
  • The Moonwell filled after Nourishing Waters.
  • The portal guarded by Ancients.
  • Elderlimb and his fellow Ancients arrive to help.

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