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(Malaws mini-bio, mostly taken from the Gambit Guild website.)

Name: Malaw
Guild: Gambit
Title: Guild Oracle
Race: Human
Class: Mage
Age: 60 seasons
Professions: Tailor / Miner

Background: The earliest memories I have are of Elwynn Forest, with family visits to relatives living at Eastvale Logging Camp. After a long trip getting there, at about 50 seasons I and another founded Gambit.

The original concept of Gambit was a safe, fun place where people of low season could get a leg up on getting through the world. It helped if they had fashion sense. The rest is history - Gambit has succeeded beyond my wildest dreams, and as we have grown, our concept has expanded to encompass character development all the way to end-game (and beyond, as the end-game keeps getting pushed back!) and keeps me surrounded by the very best people Azeroth has to offer. Thank you all!

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