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This is a Guide to making money through selling Companion pets (a.k.a. small pets, non-combat pets, mini-pets, or vanity pets). Due to their desirability with Achievement hunters, pet collectors, and casual players alike, companion pets can be used to make a significant amount of gold regardless of your level or faction.

This is not a guide to collecting pets, simply a guide for easy money-making by selling them.

You can sell crafted pets, pets dropped from mobs, or pets sold from vendors, on the Auction House (AH).

On most servers you should easily get 1-5Gold for any pet. Some pets sell for hundreds, even thousands! You just need to be smart, do a bit of travelling or farming, and be patient with the AH. Be aware that generally cute or nicer-coloured pets sell for more.

Requirements Edit

Selling pets can be done at any level! Each starting area has a nearby pet vendor, all you need is a little bit of funding to get you started. Dropped pets can also be found in areas as low-level as Deadmines. Preferably you should have flight paths to major and neutral cities, or your Hearthstone set to the Mists-Logo-SmallGolden Lantern inn which connects to all major cities, Dalaran, and Shattrath to cut down on your traveling time.

Cross-Faction Selling Edit

Vendor pets may fetch an even higher price on the neutral auction house, due to the difficulty opposing faction players have in acquiring them.

You may also set up cross-faction pet selling via your realm forums, allowing the other faction to know you're selling, and assuring a buyer in the process.

Vendor Pets Edit

There may be several reasons why somebody will buy a pet at auction, instead of directly from the vendor:

  • The item is only available to one faction (see below for more details).
  • The player doesn't want to travel far to get the pet.
  • The player doesn't have the necessary expansion to be able to buy it themselves (for example, players cannot visit Dalaran without the Wrath of the Lich King expansion).
  • The player doesn't have Faction discount, so they would pay an increased cost if they bought it themselves.
  • The item may be in limited stock, or only available at certain times/events.
  • The player simply doesn't know where the item is from.

Alliance Edit

Alliance 15 Yarlyn Amberstill [62.2, 51]
sells Inv crate 02 [Rabbit Crate (Snowshoe)] for 20Silver. Although her location is hard to reach, the rabbits come at a very low price. Alliance 15 Donni Anthania [44.2, 53.4]
sells 4 different cats for 40Silver each. The Cornish Rex and Orange Tabby generally don't sell well as they are both similar colour. Alliance 15 Shylenai [69, 45]
sells 2 owl for 50Silver. Most players don't wish to travel to Darnassus, due to being out-of-the-way, so you're likely to find a buyer seeking convenience. Alliance 15 Sixx [30.1, 33.9]
sells stunning moth pets at 50Silver. Players without the Bc iconBurning Crusade expansion cannot access this vendor, so these desirable pets can achieve a high AH price. Also, as with Darnassus, most players don't wish to travel to The Exodar, due to being out-of-the-way, so you're likely to find a buyer seeking convenience. Alliance 15 Lil Timmy [58, 64]
is a rare spawn vendor. He sells one item; Inv box petcarrier 01 [Cat Carrier (White Kitten)] for 50Silver, and only ever has one in stock. Due to this kitten being 'cute' and pretty hard to find, it can fetch a profit of several hundreds, especially when sold on the neutral auction house.

Horde Edit

Horde 15 Xan'tish sells 3 different snakes for 50Silver. Due to their ease to buy directly from the vendor, and unpopular looks, they are a bad choice for resale.

Horde 15 Halpa [62.0, 58.4]
is a Ability hunter beastcall [Prairie Dog Whistle] vendor. They sell for 50Silver and are highly desired due to their looks. Horde 15 Jeremiah Payson [67.5, 44.6]
sells Inv pet cockroach [Cockroach] for 50Silver. These are not popular, and may also be bought from a neutral vendor in Outland, making this a bad choice for pet sellers. Horde 15 Jilanne [44, 71]
sells stunning Dragonhawk Hatchling pets at 50Silver. Players without the Bc iconBurning Crusade expension cannot access this vendor, so these desirable pets can achieve a high AH price. Also, most players don't wish to travel to Silvermoon City, due to being out-of-the-way, so you're likely to find a buyer seeking convenience.

Neutral Vendors Edit

Neutral 15 Narkk [28.2, 74.5]
sells a couple of parrots at the cost of 40Silver. Selling these at the neutral AH is not wise, as many people access the neutral AH not far from where the vendor stands.

Neutral 15 Flik comes and goes with the Darkmoon Faire. He sells two frogs for 1Gold each. The Inv crate 02 [Tree Frog Box] is unlimited, but the Inv crate 02 [Wood Frog Box] only comes in a limited stock of one every few hours. He also runs around the faire, and can be very hard to catch up with. Holding on to these pets and selling them when Darkmoon Faire is over can be very profitable.

Neutral 15 Magus Tirth [78.3, 75.7]
sells Ancona Chicken for 1Gold. This is an out-of-the-way location, especially for Alliance, so you're likely to find a buyer seeking convenience.

Argent Tournament Edit

All races at the Argent Tournament in Icecrown have faction-specific pets available to them. Any given character must both unlock the ability to buy from each racial quartermaster for their faction, but must earn the tokens (Ability paladin artofwar [Champion's Seals]) required to buy the pet. In addition to the racial pets, the tournament factions (Sunreavers and Silver Covenant) have their own pets. Each character thus has access to 6 pets specific to their faction. Due to the rarity of these pets and the work needed to earn them, they can be sold for a sizeable amount. Whether the cost to buy them from the vendor outweighs what players will buy them for is a subjective decision.

See Argent Tournament collectibles

Crafted Pets Edit

The only pet of note here is the Inv crate 01 [Mechanical Squirrel], crafted by engineers. This is taught by [Schematic: Mechanical Squirrel], a world drop for low-level mobs. It is pretty likely that an engineer will have it, so he will probably not ask for a large fee. The materials are very easy to obtain, making it perfect to craft in large quantities when convenient. You can make a decent profit, from 1-20Gold depending on your server's market. While more engineering pets are available, the materials for them are much more costly, and there's less chance the engineer will have the recipe.

Farmable Pets Edit

Which pets to farm are entirely up to the time you're willing to devote, and the server's market. There's also the random element here, which means that you may spend many fruitless hours farming, or may get incredibly lucky and make a big profit fast. Unless you have a lot of free time on your hands, avoid seeking pets such as Spell nature forceofnature [Parrot Cage (Hyacinth Macaw)]. Although they can go for upwards of 20,000Gold to hardcore pet collectors, their high price is not unwarranted, and the drop rate is incalculably low.

Good farming choices are:

A Jubling is a frog battle pet, found in A Jubling's Tiny Home. This item can be found within a Unhatched Jubling Egg, the reward for the quest Spawn of Jubjub. This quest becomes available after locating the NPC Jubjub and luring him back to Morja on Darkmoon Island with Dark Iron Ale Mugs, placing the last one at her feet. The quest requires an additional mug for completion.


Name Level Damage Healing Duration Cooldown Accuracy Type
[Water Jet] 1 20 100% Pet type aquatic
[Healing Wave] 2 30 3 turns 100% Pet type aquatic
[Frog Kiss] 4 10 1 turn 100% Pet type aquatic
[Tongue Lash] 10 10-30 100% Pet type critter
[Cleansing Rain] 15 24 9 turns 3 turns 100% Pet type aquatic
[Swarm of Flies] 20 5 turns 100% Pet type critter

External LinksEdit

pet during Darkmoon Faire. If you know your way around Blackrock Depths, grab a few of these when the Faire comes around and sell them. Be particularly sure to advertise them in the trade channel. Explain what they do, and that the pet is only available once a month, and you're more likely to make a sale.