Filinthus in bird form.

Magus Filinthus is grumpy old Alliance mage seen circling the Alchemist's Tower in Honor Hold in the form of a spectral bird . Upon entering the top room, he will once again assume human form and walk to the keep where Force Commander Danath Trollbane has summoned him. He seems very displeased with the way practically everything has changed since the Dark Portal has reopened, although he does show respect for the decisions of his least while they are within earshot.


"What manner of fool opens the very thing we were sent to close?"

"And have you heard? Have you heard the preposterous claims? Alliance and Horde supporting peace? Why the very thought of such things makes my blood boil!"

"A mailbox? Well is that not the salt on the wounds! Twenty years cut-off from the world and now a mailbox! WONDERFUL!"

"Sid! Ale, now!"

"Don't you start with me, Sid! Have it sent to my quarters in the tower instead! Your inn has become a zoo!"

"To trust an orc? Even if it is the progeny of Durotan himself! This is madness!"

"Twenty years lost! Twenty! I won't stand for this!"

"I have a good mind to tear down that portal myself! This is outrageous!"

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