Magistrix Elosai is a level 28 blood elf quest giver located in Freewind Post in the contested territory of Thousand Needles. She can be found on the east side of the post (46,50) and was added with patch 2.0.1, "Before the Storm".


She starts the following quest:

She ends the following quest:

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The wretched Edit

Wretched Elosai

Elosai the Wretched

Elosai has been exiled into the Thousand Needles because she has been researching for a cure to the blood elves' magical addiction. In the end though, her cure fails, instead of curing her addiction the tonic accelerates it causing her to become a Wretched. She is understandably upset by the effects of her concoction and despairs that her years of research have been for nothing. She miserably wonders whether the other blood elves were right and that their magical addiction is something they must live with, that cannot be overcome.

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