Magister Keldonus is found at Moonrest Gardens in Dragonblight. He is a traitor to the Horde and now affiliates himself with the blue dragonflight. Overlord Agmar wants Keldonus killed for committing treason.

Objective ofEdit


  • Arcane Blast- Blasts the enemy with arcane magic, inflicting normal damage plus 1,138 to 1,462 and knocking the enemy back.
  • Fury of the Blue- Trapped by the fury of the Blue Dragonflight. Inflicts 300 arcane damage every second for 5 sec.
  • Might of Malygos- Infused with the might of Malygos. Reduces attack and cast speed by 20% and increases magical damage dealt by 20% for 2 min.
  • Power Flux- Explodes with arcane power, dealing 1,485 to 1,815 arcane damage.
  • Power Siphon- Decreases the magical damage and healing done by the target for 20 sec.


  • Keldonus has an extremely short respawn timer. A quick exit after killing him is recommended.


Magister Keldonus says: My lady, the surge needle is fully operational.
Magister Keldonus says: The ley line beneath this Night Elf temple is now flowing into the Azure Dragonshrine. Our brothers should have all the power they need to crush our enemies.
Grand Magus Telestra says: You have done well, Keldonus. Lord Malygos will be quite pleased with your progress.
Magister Keldonus says: I live only to serve the master, my lady.

On aggro:

Grand Magus Telestra says: Deal with this interruption, Keldonus. After you are through, bring me the head of the one they call <name>. I will decorate my chambers with <his/her> skull.

Casting Might of Malygos:

Magister Keldonus says: You test my patience, you now see the true might of the Blue.

On Death:

Grand Magus Telestra says: This transgression against the Blue Dragonflight has been noted. I will take extra pleasure in separating the life energy from your body.

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