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  • Magister Duskwither's Journal
  • Item Level 1
    Disenchants into:
    Not disenchantable
  • Quest Item
  • Unique
  • "This journal appears to be relatively new, with only a few of its pages written in."
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Taken from the Magister Duskwither's Journal in Eversong Woods.

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Magister Duskwither's Journal

It is my fervent hope that through my research I may find a supplemental source of magical energy that will be safe for my people. With the Sunwell gone, we must find a way to continue our way of life without succumbing to the lure of arcane magic.

I believe the future of the sin'dorei can once again serve as a shining example to all!

No luck yet. What little magic I have ready access to must be channeled through the Spire. I do have a number of intriguing ideas though. I will set my brightest apprentices to following these paths of inquiry, and see what we come up with.

It's been a while since I've written anything in these pages. Still nothing promising. I received word yesterday that one of the pupils at Sunstrider Isle, one Felendren, failed to heed the advice of his mentors and succumbed to the affliction.

I shall redouble our efforts.

Nothing. I will not give up hope, though. The Sin'dorei cannot afford to be in a position of magical dependency at this moment when we are besieged to the south.

I've devised an entirely new approach, and if successful, it will allow me to filter out the 'impurities' in some corrupted, fel magic power sources that I have stashed away. I must proceed with caution.

Amazing! We've met with some success, though the amount of magic we were able to extract was miniscule. I am going to pull most of the apprentices away from their studies to focus on this promising new approach.

With any luck at all, we should be able to refine the process and kill two birds with one stone - an abundant source of energy for ourselves, and a way to counter any fel magics we may come across in the future!

No! While experimenting with the new process my main apprentice, Telethayon, suddenly and without warning shriveled before my very eyes, succumbing to the state that afflicts my brethren. I tried to stop it, but he was too far gone. I had no choice but to put him out of his misery.

Such is the price of discovery, but I feel the weight of that cost too dearly already.

It is too much to bear... two more apprentices have succumbed. We were being so careful... I do not understand what has gone wrong.

I will have to abandon these investigations, and start over from scratch.

I was too late. A third apprentice had, unknowingly to me, been sharing the fouled research with some of the others. I am going to try to contain the situation, but first I must get the unaffected apprentices away.

I will do so by letting them all know that I am going on sabbatical at the Farstrider Retreat, in the hopes of finding a new approach to the problem.

I must find a way to atone for this horrible error in judgment.

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