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CombatMobElite 32Maggoc
Title <Son of Gruul>
Gender Male
Race Gronn (Humanoid)
Level 70 Elite
Location Blade's Edge Mountains
Relative(s) Gruul (father) Goc, Gorgrom the Dragon-Eater, Grulloc, Durn the Hungerer, Slaag, Skulloc Soulgrinder (brothers)

The gronn Maggoc is one of the seven sons of Gruul the Dragonkiller, found patrolling Razor Ridge and Scalewing Shelf in the Blade's Edge Mountains.

Maggoc has a stacking healing debuff (5% healing reduction every 15 seconds or so) and throws boulders which daze at random targets. The debuff appears to be a normal melee attack, and can miss; a high-mitigation tank that can dodge/parry at a high rate can keep it from stacking.

He hits a well geared druid for about 600, so a warrior should expect hits between 900 and 1000. Maggoc will also occasionally enrage for 10-15 seconds, substantially increasing his damage output.


Maggoc must be killed for Neutral 15 [70+] Maggoc's Treasure Chest (Group) given by Mog'dorg the Wizened.


Maggoc and Goc's names are references to the mythological giants Magog and Gog.

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