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Magatha Silverton <Justice Quartermaster> can be found in the Command Center,[79, 69] Old Town district of Stormwind City. She sells items for [Justice points].

Vendor informationEdit

Item Cost
Inv misc forestnecklace [Amulet of Dull Dreaming] 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Apple-Bent Bough 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Beech Green Belt 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of Barred Clouds 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of the Dim Forest 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of the Falling Rain 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Belt of the Still Stream 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Blessed Hands of Elune 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Breastplate of Raging Fury 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Celadon Pendant 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Chestguard of Dancing Waves 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Chestplate of the Steadfast 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Cluster of Stars 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Cowl of Pleasant Gloom 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Crown of the Blazing Sun 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Dawnblaze Blade 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Embrace of the Night 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Girdle of the Mountains 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gleaning Gloves 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of Curious Conscience 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of Purification 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of the Painless Midnight 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Gloves of the Passing Night 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Greaves of Gallantry 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Greaves of Splendor 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Helm of Easeful Death 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Helm of the Inward Eye 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Helm of the Proud 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Hermit's Lamp 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Hillside Striders 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Incense Infused Cummerbund 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of Charity 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of Late Blooms 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of Soothing Silence 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Leggings of the Burrowing Mole 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Legguards of the Gentle 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Mask of New Snow 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Mask of Vines 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Meadow Mantle 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Musk Rose Robes 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Numbing Handguards 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Pauldrons of the Forlorn 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Pauldrons of the High Requiem 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Pendant of Quiet Breath 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Pensive Legwraps 2,220 Pvecurrency-justice
Reaping Gauntlets 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Robes of Embalmed Darkness 2,220 Pvecurrency-justice
Robes of Forgetfulness 2,220 Pvecurrency-justice
Sash of Musing 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Seafoam Mantle 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Shield of the Four Grey Towers 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Shield of the Mists 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Somber Shawl 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Sticky Fingers 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
String of Beaded Bubbles 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Summer Song Shoulderwraps 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Sunburnt Pauldrons 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
Thatch Eave Vines 1,650 Pvecurrency-justice
The Lustrous Eye 1,250 Pvecurrency-justice
Throat Slasher 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Tunic of Sinking Envy 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Vest of the True Companion 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Vest of the Waking Dream 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Willow Mask 2,200 Pvecurrency-justice
Windslicer 950 Pvecurrency-justice
Wrap of the Valley Glades 1,600 Pvecurrency-justice


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