For the rogue talent, see Mace Specialization (rogue talent).
For the human racial, see Human (playable)#Racial traits.

Rank tableEdit

Rank  % Armor ignore
1 3
2 6
3 9
4 12
5 15

Patch changes Edit

  • Wrath-Logo-Small/ Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.1 (12-Oct-2010): Removed.
  • Bc icon/ Wrath-Logo-Small Patch 3.0.2 (14-Oct-2008): Now ignores 3/6/9/12/15% of target's armor.
  • Bc icon Patch 2.3.0 (13-Nov-2007): Has a reduced chance to occur but generates 7 rage instead of 6.
  • WoW Icon 16x16 Patch 1.7.0 (13-Sep-2005): The stun effect can now be resisted.

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