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For the common-quality vendor-sold item, see Mace (item).

A mace is a blunt weapon, usually consisting of a large heavy metal piece (with a varying set of short edges, points, or protrusions) on a short wooden rod. Some maces are characterized by a long chain connecting the handle and metal ball that swings (commonly called a 'flail') or by fearsome points and edges. They are shorter than polearms and blunter than axes. The purpose of a mace is not to cut or slash but to smash and to crack. Maces have essentially the same game mechanics as other melee weapons.

Notable Maces


According to Warcraft lore, the two-handed warhammer was the favored weapon of the Knights of the Silver Hand, led by Uther the Lightbringer. Following the death of Uther at the hands of Arthas and the devastation of the Order, the weapon fell out of favor as that exclusively used by paladins.


Patch 2.3: Human and Dwarf Mace Specialization now affects Expertise with all Maces

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