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{{elink|icon=mmochampion|site=MMO Champion DB|link=|desc=(also known as "Sigrie")}}
{{elink|icon=mmochampion|site=MMO Champion DB|link=|desc=(also known as "Sigrie")}}
{{elink|icon=mmochampion|site=WoWDB|link=|desc=(previously run by [[Curse (site)|Curse]])}}
{{elink|icon=mmochampion|site=WoWDB|link=|desc=(previously run by [[Curse (site)|Curse]])}}
{{elink|prefix=     |type=youtube|link=|desc=Topic - MMO Champion|bydate=blog}}

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MMO Champion
MMO-Champion logo
TypeWorld of Warcraft news
Maintained byBoubouille
Alexa rating3,300[1]
Quantcast traffic122K[1]
RSS feed RSS feed

MMO Champion is a World of Warcraft news website run by Boubouille (Fabien Bonte,[2] also known as Bibi) started in 2007.[citation needed] In mid-2010, Curse acquired MMO Champion.[3]

While Bibi himself lives in France, MMO Champion shares a server cluster in the United States. We don't know the exact site audience, but some numbers[4] that we do have allows us to guess that it has no less then 10 million visitors per month (probably more).

Official MMO Champion IRC channel: #mmo-champion at Quakenet.

MMO Champion logo

Old logo

As a reference

MMO champion aggregates "Blue notes" (Community Manager notes, i.e. official Blizzard representatives). While posts on the official WoW forums will "drop off" after a few months, it is presumed that posts on sites such as this will persist longer, making them more suitable for use as references.


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