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Slash commands

Instructs your pet to attack

/petattack options

Aliases Edit


Arguments Edit

List of options below, separated by commas, enclosed in [ ]


These options are the same format as used in the cast command, however only the following have been tested:

Casts on a specific target without changing your current target.

Examples: Edit

/petattack [target=target]

This will tell your pet to target your target's target (e.g. If you have a friendly target that is attacking a hostile target.)

/petattack [target=focustarget]

This will tell your pet to target your focus' target (e.g. If you have a friendly target on /focus, and it will attack their target.)

Notes Edit

  • If no target is given, the pet will attack the player's target.
  • This will cause you to become PvP flagged if you attack a PvP flagged unit.
  • In PvP, players can use this as a method to get in combat to prevent themselves from being crowd controlled by a rogue's [Sap].

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