Slash commands

Shows a simple help message.


Aliases Edit


Arguments Edit


Notes Edit

As of 3.0.3, the following text is displayed

WoW Help:
- 'x' to sit/stand
- To group/inspect/trade: target another player, right click their portrait
- 'F1-F5' to target self/groupmates
- 'Shift-1 through Shift-6' to access extra action bars.  Shift up/down and
Shift-mousewheel also work.
- 'Numlock' to autorun
- 'z' to draw/sheathe your weapons
- 'v' to see nearby targets.  Also useful for target selection
- 'Tab' to target nearest enemy
- '1' or 't' to attack current target (selects nearest enemy if no current
- 'PageUp/PageDown' to scroll chat pane
- 'r' or '/r' to reply to the last tell
- /who to get a list of players
- /chat for a list of commands
- For help with the new macro UI type /macrohelp

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