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Slash commands

Cast spells in successive order.

/castsequence options resetcondition spelllist




Cast options to modify the cast. These are the same as cast, see that page for details.
If you wish to specify a condition to reset the list, you may do so here. Format is "reset=" followed by the reset condition, more than one condition may be set, (separated by /) see below.
List of spells, separated by comma

Reset Conditions

When using more than one condition "/" should be used between the functions.

<number> - The number of seconds since the last click
target - You changed target
combat - You entered or exited combat
alt - Alt was pressed (does not work 4.0)
shift - Shift was pressed (does not work 4.0)
ctrl - Ctrl was pressed (does not work 4.0)


-- This will cast Seal of Light, followed by Judgement of Wisdom.
-- 2 minutes after the last keypress, it will reset and cast Seal of Light again.
/castsequence reset=120 Seal of Light, Judgement of Wisdom 
== Patch 4.0.6 Working ==
 -- This will cast Seal of Insight, Retribution Aura, Blessing of Might on yourself(regardless of your current target)
 -- with the option set to target player(aka you), will reset back to Blessing of Might after 
 -- leaving combat(useful after Resurrections), or after 30 seconds have passed after the last keypress.
 /castsequence [target=player] reset=combat/30 Blessing of Might, Seal of Insight, Retribution Aura

-- This will cast Hunter's Mark, followed by Aimed Shot, and will reset to Hunter's
-- Mark if the player changes targets after casting it.
/castsequence reset=target Hunter's Mark, Aimed Shot
-- This will cast Crusader Strike followed by Judgement of Wisdom and Divine Storm, 
-- and will reset back to Crusader Strike after leaving combat, switching target or
-- after 10 seconds have passed after the last keypress.
/castsequence reset=combat/target/10 Crusader Strike, Judgement of Wisdom, Divine Storm


This mechanic requires you to click the button multiple times. Each successive click advances the position in the list, until it is reset or reaches the end, in which case it starts over.

Example of a the macro is like this

/castsequence reset=120 Strangulate, Mind Freeze, Mind Freeze, Mind Freeze, Mind Freeze, Mind Freeze

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