Lycanthoth[32, 37]
can be found within the Maw of Lycanthoth in Mount Hyjal. He is only visible to those working on the quests below, or if one is in the vicinity of someone working on the quests. This faux ancient is summoned by the Twilight's Hammer clan to replace Goldrinn, and his followers, the Lycanthoth Vandals, are setting the Shrine of Goldrinn ablaze when players first enter the subzone.

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Lycanthoth says: Log'loth og shandai, <race>. Only death is eternal. You will be undone.
Lycanthoth says: Fate subjugates faith, mortal. Your prayers are meaningless here.


  • Within the game, Lycanthoth is classified as a Humanoid, and thus untamable by Hunters.

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