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Start your journey in Dalaran. You will probably want to do this with a group of 5, as some dungeons need to be done on heroic. This walkthrough also expects you to have a flying mount (since you need to be 80 to enter heroics).

All dungeons with the exception of Utgarde Pinnacle and Azjol-Nerub are soloable as a rogue, hunter or druid.

The Storm Peaks
  1. Elder Fargal in Frosthold [28.9, 73.7] - West side
  2. Elder Graymane in K3 [41, 84]
  3. Elder Stonebeard in Bouldercrag's Refuge [31, 38] - inside the mountain via the camp
  4. Elder Yurauk in Halls of Stone (southwest Ulduar, Storm Peaks) - halfway through Combat 15 Krystallus' room, the west side of Crystalline Quarry (stealth-soloable)
  5. Elder Muraco in Camp Tunka'lo [64.6, 51.3]
  1. Elder Ohanzee in Gundrak (Zul'Drak) - behind Combat 15 Drakkari Colossus (north edge of purple area) You can swim to him quite easily. Take east path back to entrance. (stealth-soloable)
  2. Elder Tauros in Zim'Torga [59, 57]
Grizzly Hills
  1. Elder Kilias in Drak'tharon Keep (Zul'Drak) - just before Combat 15 King Dred in Raptor Pens (stealth-soloable) Practically at the end of the instance.
  2. Elder Beldak in Westfall Brigade Encampment [60.6, 27.7] - East side
  3. Elder Lunaro in Ruins of Tethys [80.5, 37.1] - SE island on ruins with stairs
  4. Elder Whurain in Camp Oneqwah [64.2, 47.0]
Howling Fjord
  1. Elder Jarten in Utgarde Keep[47.4, 69.5] (Howling Fjord) - in the second room after Combat 15 Prince Keleseth. Soloable, but requires attacking the Forge Masters. First chamber after hallway in Njorn Stair. Left up short stairwell.
  2. Elder Chogan'gada in Utgarde Pinnacle (Howling Fjord) - just after Combat 15 Skadi (not stealth-soloable)
  1. Elder Thoim in Moa'ki Harbor [48.8, 78.2]
  2. Elder Skywarden in Agmar's Hammer [35.1, 48.4] - West side
  3. Elder Morthie in Stars' Rest [29.8, 55.9]
  4. Elder Nurgen in Azjol'Nerub (Dragonblight) - in north part of the room, Brood Pit, you drop into after Boss 15 Hadronox (not stealth-soloable until you kill Boss 15 Krik'thir the Gatewatcher)
Borean Tundra
  1. Elder Arp in D.E.H.T.A. Camp [57.4, 43.7]
  2. Elder Sardis in Valiance Keep [59.1, 65.3] - NE side
  3. Elder Pamuya in Warsong Hold [42.9, 49.6] - NE side
  4. Elder Northal in Transitus Shield [33.8, 34.4]
  5. Elder Igasho in Nexus (Borean Tundra) - just before Combat 15 Ormorok (east side of instance) (stealth-soloable)
Sholazar Basin
  1. Elder Sandrene in Lakeside Landing [49.8, 63.6]
  2. Elder Wanikaya in Rainspeaker Rapids [63.8, 49.0]
  1. Elder Bluewolf in Wintergrasp [49.0, 13.9] - Inside the Artifact room where entrance to Vault of Archavon is found (need to hold Wintergrasp, have the door down, or otherwise be able to enter)

Video guides Edit

Lunar Festival Northrend Elders 1 - Cataclysm14:43

Lunar Festival Northrend Elders 1 - Cataclysm


Lunar Festival Northrend Elders 2 - Cataclysm09:24

Lunar Festival Northrend Elders 2 - Cataclysm


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