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CombatMob 32Lunaclaw
Race Owlkin (Humanoid)
Level 12
Health 247
Wealth 16Copper
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Darkshore[43.5, 46] or The Barrens[42, 60]
See Icon-3D-48x48

Lunaclaw is a level 12 named moonkin that can be summoned using Cenarion Moondust in either Darkshore or The Barrens.

Night elf druids can summon Lunaclaw at the Moonkin Stone in the Moonkin Caves, directly east of Auberdine in Darkshore. tauren druids can summon Lunaclaw at the Moonkin Stone west of Camp Taurajo in The Barrens.

When Lunaclaw is defeated, the druid can learn bear form from the Lunaclaw Spirit.

Attacks and abilitiesEdit

  • Ability ghoulfrenzyThrash: (Gives the caster 2 extra attacks.)

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