Lump is a sleepy ogre in the small camp of Boulderfist Hunters east of Telaar in Nagrand [62, 71]
. Lump seems to be the camps leader, who enjoys to feast on the inhabatants of Telaar.

Objective ofEdit

  • Alliance 15 [65] Not On My Watch! — Players should beat him up until he starts talking.


After Lump concedes defeat, the following interrogation takes place.

Lump says: Why you mean to Lump? Lump hungry, dat's all.
<Player> says: I need answers, ogre!
Lump says: OK! Lump tell you anything you want!
<Player> says: Why are the Boulderfist out this far? You know that this is Kurenai territory.
Lump says: Boulderfist hungry! Need food! Warmaul ogre tribe kick Boulderfist out of mound to north. Many more Boulderfist to feed now.
<Player> says: And you think you can just eat anything you want? You're obviously trying to eat the Broken of Telaar.
Lump says: Dat not true. Me just want to nibble. I don't eat all. Ok, maybe I eat da little ones.
Lump says: Dey so delicious!
<Player> says: This means war, Lump! War I say!
Lump shrugs.
Lump says: You bring da war to da Boulderfist. We put it in da stew.


Lump makes a reference to Russian-American comedian Yakov Smirnoff when he says "In Nagrand, Food hunts ogre," which is a reference to Smirnoff's "In Soviet Russian, television watches you."

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