Lorrin Foxfire is a level 41 blood elf portal trainer located in Stonard, Swamp of Sorrows. He teaches mages of level 35 and up Teleport: Stonard and Portal: Stonard.

His Alliance equivalent is Ysuria.

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(To a non-mage)

Most of my brethren are disdainful of the Horde's "barbaric" ways, and I once counted myself among them. When I was first ordered to this somewhat humid and...fragrant place, I cursed my lot in life. During my studies, however, I grew to appreciate my surroundings. It has a certain charm, don't you think? ... you wouldn't be interested in my studies, of course, not being a mage yourself.

Before I was stationed out here, I'd only heard about the rejuvenating effects a mud bath can have on skin. When I first tripped over a tree root, I was exposed to the full benefits! Amazing what nature can do, even without a bit of magic to help it along.
Ah, I love the smell of Stonard! It smells orc sweat. And rot. Still, combined the effect can be quite pleasant! It's an acquired scent.
While visitors complain about the exceptionally humid air, I find it helps my complexion! Dry skin is unflattering.
It is a shame, a dreadful shame, that my brethren cannot see what benefits come from truly steeping oneself in a culture.
You need to learn to appreaciate your surroundings, Cersei!
Here I am, in a rough-hewn stone tower squatting on marshy, muddy ground while clouds of midges fly unchecked through the open doorways, standing amongst hunched, greenskin figures of dubious hygine and coarse manners. I've never been happier.
To this day, I ponder why I, myself, was chosen for this particular station. I can only imagine my superior felt I was uniquely suited to the task and would quickly become accustomed to the quaint culture of the Horde found herein, but I heard a truly mean-spirited rumor that it may be because I talk too much.

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