Lorena is an officer in the Theramore Guard. She is one of the very few female soldiers and has worked very hard to gain what she has attained. She is one of Lady Jaina Proudmoore's most trusted soldiers and Proudmoore frequently makes good use of Lorena's military leadership abilities. She is utterly loyal to Jaina. Lorena does not appear in World of Warcraft.


Cycle of HatredEdit

WoW-novel-logo-16x62 This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

Lorena was one of the main characters in Cycle of Hatred. After the Third War, Lorena was promoted by Jaina herself to a colonel. Margoz was one of the recruiters at Theramore at the Demonsbane Inn, Burx was believed to fool Thrall and make the Horde forces, and Kristoff to get the forces of Theramore while Jaina Proudmoore's absence. Kristoff had tasked Lorena into going with a regiment of soldiers including the Theramore Elite Guard to Northwatch. She took with her four senior officers, and dropped the reinforcements at Northwatch, but continued to Bladescar instead of taking command searching for Lady Proudmoore. She arrived and met Aegwynn and Jaina and rescued them from Bladescar by Zmodlor's wards, they found the minor demon, and destroyed Zmodlor forever.[1][citation needed]