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For this character's appearance in Shadowfang Keep as an undead, see Lord Walden (tactics).

Lord Walden was a nobleman from eastern Gilneas who joined with Lord Vincent Godfrey to turn Genn Greymane over to the Forsaken in exchange for an end to hostilities. Along with his ally, Baron Ashbury, Walden was slain by Gilnean worgen who fought to save their King. Godfrey, Ashbury and Walden were all raised in undeath by the Forsaken and served them for a time. After Godfrey betrayed the Forsaken by slaying Sylvanas Windrunner, Walden fled with his master into nearby Shadowfang Keep.

Objective of


  • For the above quest, Walden is found at a house[79.2, 65.4] near the edge of the Reach. Walk past the area where Genn Greymane is being held captive and follow the road as it bends to the left, away from the bridge. You'll pass through a flock of sheep, but take care to avoid the Combat 15 Mountain Mastiffs. Walden's path will take him from the inside of the house to a spot halfway to the road you just came from. At this distance it is safe to take him out, but beware that a guard and his mastiff may be pathing by on occasion.


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Some say Lord Walden may be related to Lieutenant Walden. That would make sense. His relative's (maybe even son's) death at the claws of the worgen would be a good reason for him to join forces with Godfrey against the worgen players.[1]



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In the short story Gilnean Lineage, by Kroenen thuzad, Lord Walden is given "Daniel" as forename.


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0400Cataclysm-Logo-Small Patch 4.0.3a (2010-11-23): Added.

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